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The Bruske Brush™ is absolutely perfect for heavyweight and lightweight needs, indoors or out, on any surface.  Constructed of the finest bristle materials, synthetic or natural fibers, the Bruske Brush™ is extremely durable and is not affected by acids, alkalines or most solvents.  The Bruske Brush™ keeps sweeping – wet or dry – under the most adverse conditions.  Bruske Brushes last up to ten times longer than ordinary floor brushes.

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For 13”, 17” and 23” Bruske Brushes, order the 6032 hardwood or 6132 all-steel “Miracle-Tip” handles separately.  For 29” and 35” sizes we suggest the 6031, 1- 1/8” hardwood handle ordered separately.

SUPER FINE YELLOW BRUSKE BRUSH™ – made of flagged, super-soft, resilient synthetic bristles for sweeping fine dust on smooth tile, concrete or wood floors.  Perfect for use in chemical and food processing plants or any other environment where fine dust particles are a problem.

Bruske Street Sweeps

13" | 2121-B

Bruske Block Floor Brushes

17" | 2122-B

Bruske Street Sweeps

23" | 2124-B

Bruske Scrubs & Wash Brushes

29" | 2126-B*

Bruske Street Sweeps

35" | 2128-B*

ALL PURPOSE RED BRUSKE BRUSH™ – a blend of soft, resilient synthetic bristles for sweeping smooth tile, concrete or wood floors.  It’s the perfect brush for use in sweeping fine dust and light refuse in schools, institutions, commercial buildings, factories, chemical plants and food processing plants.

Bruske Sweeping Mops

13" | 2111-B

Bruske Counter Brushes

17" | 2112-B

Bruske Specialty Products

23" | 2114-B

Bruske Street Sweeps

29" | 2116-B*

Release D'Grease

35" | 2118-B*

FINE BLUE BRUSKE BRUSH™– made of flagged or exploded, solvent-resistant synthetic bristles for sweeping fine particles even on rough surfaces in any work environment – factories, warehouses, food processing and chemical plants, hospitals, schools and commercial buildings.  Not intended for oily or greasy conditions.,

Bruske Sweeping Mops

13" | 2131-B

Bruske Counter Brushes

17" | 2132-B

Bruske Specialty Products

23" | 2134-B

Bruske Street Sweeps

29" | 2136-B*

Release D'Grease

35" | 2138-B*

UNIVERSAL GREEN BRUSKE BRUSH™– a unique brush containing flagged synthetic bristles on the outside and un-flagged bristles on the inside, providing a dual-purpose sweep from fine dust to larger refuse.

Bruske Brush 2161-B

13" | 2161-B

Bruske Broom 2162-B

17" | 2162-B

Bruske Specialty Products

23" | 2164-B

Bruske Brush 2166-B

29" | 2166-B*

Bruske Brush 2168

35" | 2168-B*

COARSE BROWN BRUSKE BRUSH™ – stiff, coarse synthetic bristle for use on rough surfaces with adverse dry, wet, oily or greasy conditions.  It’s an excellent brush for parking lots, driveways and sidewalks.  It can be used to scrub large areas and is great on heavy refuse or light snow.  It’s a real workhorse!

Bruske  Brush 2171

13" | 2171-B

Bruske Products broom 2172-B

17" | 2172-B

Bruske broom 2174-B

23" | 2174-B

Bruske Brush 2176

29" | 2176-B*

Bruske broom 2178

35" | 2178-B*

MEDIUM NATURAL FIBER BRUSKE BRUSH™– a blend of soft and coarse natural fiber bristles for use in sweeping areas where adverse conditions exist that would normally affect synthetic bristles.  Especially effective in metal working plants, glass plants, factories or foundries where heat and super solvents exist on the floor surfaces.  It’s made for heavy dry sweeping on dry or wet surfaces.


13" | 2141-B

Bruske Counter Brushes

17" | 2142-B

Bruske Specialty Products

23" | 2144-B

MEDIUM BLACK BRUSKE BRUSH™– an ideal combination of soft and stiff medium black synthetic bristle made for heavy duty sweeping on dry or wet surfaces as well as surfaces with oily conditions.  This rugged floor brush is perfect for machine shops, metalworking plants, all industrial plants, in-plant offices, and shipping and receiving docks.

Bruske Brushes 2158

13" | 2151-B

Bruske Brush 2152-b

17" | 2152-B

Bruske Brush 2154-B

23" | 2154-B

Bruske Brushes 2156

29" | 2156*

Bruske Brushes 2158-B

35" | 2158*

For 13”, 17” and 23” Bruske Brushes, order the 6032 hardwood or 6132 all-steel “Miracle-Tip” handles separately.  For 29” and 35” sizes we suggest the 6031, 1- 1/8” hardwood handle ordered separately.

*Indicates the 9302 metal brace is included with the brush head.

Bruske Products is a 100% Employee-Owned ESOP Company

Bruske Products is known for producing quality-crafted, American-made brushes, brooms, and sweeper brushes that last longer and clean better than ordinary floor products. Each brush and broom is designed, engineered and manufactured to last longer by using the finest materials.

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